Volunteer work-ins are central to the survival of Wicken Windmill as an operational corn mill. Few other preserved windmills are in full going order. In today's cash strapped world we are absolutely reliant on voluntary help, just as we were when we successfully restored the mill from ruin starting in 1987.

The 2013 main work-ins will be held between the following dates:

May 4th to May 12th

August 24th to September 1st

This year we will working on a wide range of jobs:
1) Making 2 new sail clamps - these are heavy strengthening timbers. These will replace an existing pair, which will reach the end of their useful lives in the next few years.
2) Repainting a pair of sails 'numbers 2 and 4' - this work is only suitable for those with climbing gear.
3) One of the millstone pairs need resetting, not as quick a task as you might think!
4) Complete the clean room in the granary building - when finished this is intended for the storage of grain and flour.
5) Continue the repair of one of the old granary buildings, for the installation of a set of motor driven millstones, for emergency use.

There are many additional jobs, to suit all levels of experience and knowledge.

Let us encourage you to lend a hand, and learn new skills from milling experts.
Remember, Wicken Windmill needs your help!