Wicken Windmill Flour & where to buy it


Wicken Windmill flour is made solely at the mill and solely by wind power.  We grind highest quality bread Wheat in the mill's 4ft 6in diameter millstones.  Some of this is sieved in our 'wire machine' to give our Finest White and Standard White flours.   

We also grind Spelt to make wholemeal and finest white flours, to satisfy demand from our customers seeking different flavours and lower gluten content.

Currently the bulk of our grain is grown on the chalk lands of Hertfordshire and north west Kent. long known for high grade wheat farming.

Our flours are particularly suited to bread making, though the white flours are also used for cake making.  The white flours are plain flours - that is they are not intended to be fortified by addition of baking powders or other raising agents. 

 We also produce wheat bran & semolina flour to order.

Recipe sheets covering a range of breads, buns, and pasta making using Wicken Windmill flours are readily available. 


  Mill Prices  
  Weight Type Price
 1.5Standard White£2.30 
  1.5FINEST WHITE £2.65 
  3Standard White £4.40 
  3 FINEST WHITE£5.00 
  16WHOLEMEAL £14.00 
  16Standard White £16.00 
  16FINEST WHITE £18.00 
 25 WHOLEMEAL£20.00 
 25Standard White £25.00 
 25 FINEST WHITE£30.00 
 0.75  Bran£0.50 
 1 Sack Bran £1.75 
  1 Semolina£0.60 
  1 Sack Semolina£3.00 


  1 FINEST WHITE£2.60 


Wicken Windmill flour can be obtained from: 


 The Windmill, 23 High Street, Wicken, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5XR ,

On open days, and whenever the sails are turning. 

                                        Otherwise phone 01664 822751


 The Maid's Head, High Street, Wicken


 The National Trust, Lode Lane, Wicken Fen

Wholemeal & Standard White wheat flours


 The Orchard Farm Shop, Stretham Road, Wicken


In Cambridge and Cambridgeshire: 

 Daily Bread, Kilmaine Close, Kings Hedges, Cambridge 

 Wholemeal & Standard White wheat flours


The National Trust, Anglesey Abbey

Standard White wheat flour only 


 Further afield:

 Squirrels Store, Long Clawson, Leicestershire